Area Nets and Repeaters

Area Nets

Tuesday8:00 p.m.146.820 MHzTop of Michigan ARC, TOMARC, every week, except 3rd Tues. of. each month (meeting night). Gaylord repeater.
Tuesday8:00 p.m.147.180Gladwin Net
Tuesday8:00 p.m.28.312 USBWexaukee ARC 10 Meter Net
Tuesday9:00 p.m.146.740Big Rapids Net
Wednesday8:00 p.m.146.820Otsego County Area ARES Net. Gaylord repeater.
Thursday8:00 p.m.146.980Wexaukee ARC, Omnibus Net, every week, except 1st Thurs. of each month (meeting night). Cadillac repeater.
Saturday8:00 p.m.147.100 +600 tone: 114.8Sherman - Up North Saturday Night Live
Nightly7:00 p.m.50.205 USBThe Illustrious 6 Meter Group

Area Repeaters

CityFrequencyInputPL ToneRemarks
Cadillac146.980-600 kHzNoneWexaukee ARC
Cadillac147.160+600 kHz103.5 HzLink to IRA system
Big Rapids145.290-600 kHz94.8 HzLink to IRA system
Big Rapids146.740-600 kHzNone
Farwell147.200+600 kHz103.5 Hz
Gaylord146.820-600 kHzNone
Gladwin147.180+600 kHz173.8 HzAlso xmits 173.8 Hz
Grayling145.130-600 kHzNone
Houghton Lake147.080+600 kHz103.5 Hz
Lake City145.210-600 kHzNone
Ludington145.470-600 kHzNone
Manistee146.780-600 kHzNone
Midland147.000+600 kHz103.5 Hz
Moorestown146.960-600 kHz103.5 Hz
Mt. Pleasant146.720-600 kHzNone
Roscommon145.450-600 kHzNone
Sherman147.100+600114.8CARC (sponsor)
Traverse City145.150-600 kHzNoneLink to IRA system
Traverse City145.270-600 kHzNone
Traverse City146.860-600 kHzNone
Traverse City147.100+600 kHzNone
Traverse City147.300+600 kHz114.8 Hz
Traverse City442.500+5 MHzNone
Traverse City442.025+5 MHz114.8 Hz
West Branch146.940-600 kHz110.9 Hz
IRS Link System
Battle Creek145.150-600 kHz94.8 Hz
Big Rapids145.290-600 kHz94.8 Hz
Cadillac147.160+600 kHz103.5 Hz
Grand Rapids147.160+600 kHz94.8 Hz
Ludington145.310-600 kHzNone
Mt. Pleasant145.150-600 kHz103.5 Hz
Muskegon145.330-600 kHz94.8 Hz
St. Joseph145.470-600 kHz94.8 Hz
Traverse City145.150-600 kHz114.8 Hz
Vanderbilt145.290-600 kHz103.5 Hz

Section HF Nets in Michigan

Section HF Nets In Michigan
MACS - Michigan Amateur Communications System; Mon-Sat, 3953 kHz 1100 ET.
MIARPSC - Michigan Amateur Radio Public Service Corps; Sunday, 3932 kHz, 17:00 ET.
UPN - Upper Peninsula Net; Sun-Sat, 3920 KHz, 17:00 ET; Sunday, 3921 kHz, 12:00 ET.
MITN - Michigan Traffic Net; Sun-Sat, 3952 kHz, 1800 ET.
QMN - Michigan Net; Sun-Fri, 3563 kHz, 1830 & 2200 ET.
WSSBN - Wolverine Single Sideband Net, 3932 kHz, 1900 ET.
UP-ARES - UP ARES Net; Friday, 3932 kHz, 1930 ET.
GLETN - Great Lakes Emergency and Traffic Net; Sun-Sat, 3932 kHz, 2030 ET.