Wings & Wheels Update

A huge success, thanks to a lot of hard work from club members Rich–KE8MFC, Lee–KD8UVN, Steve–W8SJS, Ken–KE8WQG, Bob–N8BOB, Les-K8LES, Tom–WB8WIV, Bob–W8LHP (member from Buchanan), Jeff—N8JAP, Brandy–KC8TXS, Tiffany–KD8OLD (Brandy’s daughter), Lee–KC8ITI and wife, Linda (Brandy’s parents/president of Midland ARC), Keith, KE8AUO, Mark—KX8XX, Gordie—W8CT, Van—WA8LKV, Dave–WD8LVZ, Ron—KE8MIR, Ray—KD8BAI, Tim—N8DDA who produced the YouTube video, which you can watch here and I think we overheard new member from Lewiston Don, KE8TSH talking to a youngster via the repeater. Thanks everyone!

Annual Club Picnic:
Too Much Food, Too Much Fun

Once again, club members, spouses, and some friends from as far away as Grayling and Lewiston gathered at the Marion Fair Grounds for our annual club picnic. Rob Johnson and Lee Goodrich flipped burgers, brats, and hot dogs on a beautiful but warm August 20. A record thirty-four hungry folks turned “dish-to-pass” into a banquet fit for a king and queen. Remarkably, some of the white elephant gifts really worked and in a strange twist of fate, algorithms, and the emcee, former club president Tom Warnock won the CB radio he brought and hoped to send home with someone else. You can bet it will show up again next year. Speaking of which, we’ve already reserved the pavilion for the same Sunday next year: the third Sunday of August, or August 18, 2024 at 1:00pm. Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss out on one of the club’s more popular events.